marley - 2T Scoot-R

Описание:  2T Scoot-R is a semi-synthetic oil intended for the lubrication of water or aircooled 2 stroke engines. ADVANTAGES Suitable for all types of engines ; road, off-road, enduro, cross, quads Low smoke Excellent protection against sparkplug fouling Prevents exhaust clogging Excellent protection at high temperatures Keeps the engine and the piston rings clean Easy to mix APPLICATION 2T Scoot-R is specially adapted to city traffic (start-stop) SPECIFICATIONS API TC JASO FC,FD ISO EGD CHARACTERISTICS Density @ 15°C D 4052: 871 kg/m³ Viscosity @ 100°C D 445: cSt 10,5 TBN D 2896: gKOH/kg 1,1 Flashpoint COC D 92: 106 °C Viscosity index D 2270: 120 We reserve the right to alter the general characteristics of our products in order to let our customers benefit of the latest technical evolutions. Reviews

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