marley - 4T Racing Motor Oil Full Synthetic

Описание:  DESCRIPTION 4T Racing is a 100% synthetic ester based racing motor oil for motorbikes. Specially adapted for severe conditions. ADVANTAGES Suitable for all types of engines ; road, off-road, enduro, cross, quads Efficient protection of engine and gearbox Specific formulation to reduce clutch slipping. Excellent protection at high temperatures and APPLICATION 4T Racing is suitable for racing or road use. SPECIFICATIONS API SG JASO MA CHARACTERISTICS Density @ 15°C D 4052: 861 kg/m³ Viscosity @ 100°C D 445: cSt 17,7 Pour point D 97: - 55°C Flashpoint COC D 92: 234 °C Viscosity index D2270: 170 We reserve the right to alter the general characteristics of our products in order to let our customers benefit of the latest technical evolutions. Reviews

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