V2Mal - Knox Meta Sys

Описание:  Product Information Knox Meta-Sys: The New generation of Back protector from Knox Features Hybrid Technology, the combination of hard plates that spread the force of the impact and soft PU on the inside to absorb energy. Designed to give maximum impact absorption across an increased area. CE Certified to the toughest standard EN1621 - 2 Level 2 and tested to -20C Made in 4 separate sections, which each move independently, flexibility that enables the wearer to twist and turn in almost any direction.Uniquely the Meta - Sys can stretch with the rider up to 60mm in length, to ensure maximum protection over the full length of the back while in a riding position. Additional Scapula protection is also incorporated to help cover the vulnerable shoulder area.Hybrid technology; the combination of a ‘hard' polypropylene outer shell to help dissipate impact Home By Manufacturer BIKE ACCESSORIES CLOTHING CLOTHING MENS CLOTHING WOMEN Continental DUCATI ACCESSORIES DUCATI CLOTHING DUCATI CLOTHING KIDS EDUCATIONAL ESSENTIAL LUGGAGE PERSONAL ACCESSORIES SAFETY AIRBAG BACK PROTECTION CANISTER CHEST PROTECTION HEADWEAR KNEE SLIDER LANYARD Seat Cover TRANSPORT

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