V2Mal - Knox Fast Back Gilet, Extra Large

Описание:  Product Information KNOX Fastback Gilet The perfect sports gilet, with a shorter back protector that finishes at the waist so fits neatly under a short jacket. Lightweight, unobtrusive and as easy as putting on a jacket, the Knox Fastback Gilet is perfect for urban riding, where protection is every bit as important as on the open road. Featuring a strong sport mesh construction, which is lightweight and breathable, with a Level 2 CE-approved back protector, the Fastback's design makes it quick and easy to put on/take off - important for busy city riders. Raised channels and vents in the back protector help to keep the wearer cool and avoids the build up of perspiration on clothes. Engineered to follow the contour of the back and articulate freely, the Fastback Gilet offers freedom of movement and ensures protection is maintained in all positions. In short Designed and manufactured in Britain by knox

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Цена: 173.00 BGN