V2Mal - Helite Airvest Hi Viz

Описание:  Product Information The Helite Airbag system works 100% mechanically which has many advantages: - Highest reliability - No unexpected activation of the airbag - Easy installation and use - Very good price/quality ratio - Light weight for freedom of movement - Reusable after activation of the airbag - The same jacket can be used on different motorcycles - Life span no shorter than a normal motorcycle jacket THE ESSENTIAL EQUIPMENT FOR ANY KIND OF MOTORCYCLIST The Helite Jackets can be used for the road, enduro, cross, quad and scooter. Our motorcycle jackets all include the latest airbag technologies so you will get the same airbag protection whether you choose a summer airbag jacket, a leather airbag jacket or an airbag motorcycle vest. In case of an accident the air chambers of the airbag jacket will protect multiple parts of the body.

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Цена: 1,130.00 BGN