REV`IT - Tryonic Knee Brace T6

Описание:  The T6 Knee Brace truly is a unique product, developed and engineered after 2 years of intensive research and field testing involving orthopedists and professional athletes. Its uniqueness stems from the patented TRYONIC SB1 aluminum mechanism that allows the knee brace to exactly follow the natural movement of the knee ligament, the so-called rototranslation movement. This technology, combined with the use of an ergonomically designed, lightweight and slightly flexible frame, makes the T6 Knee Brace one of the best protection products on the planet. The T6 was not just developed to protect the knee but especially to offer the muscle structure around the knee the freedom to work and support the knee ligament maximally, the best way to prevent injuries. The SB1 mechanism is made of forged aluminum and this is what makes the T6 so extremely durable, tested and approved by TRYONIC athletes under the fiercest conditions. Suitable for a great variety of sports activities such as cycling, running, skiing and riding, the T6 will offer you the maximum level of protection without restriction your freedom of movement. Sizes S-XXL

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