REV`IT - Jacket Albright

Описание:  The Albright is a typical example of a jacket that needs to be examined at close range, as the details start to reveal themselves the closer you get. The outer shell is made out of rugged full grown buffalo leather that on its own draws attention. This leather has a special grain structure that allows a garment to show a specific rugged style. The special treatment of the material offers more personality to the jacket. In the case of the Albright, the base color of the leather is kept light, but with a darker top finish, giving the jacket an instant vintage look. The natural characteristics of this type of leather will make the Albright jacket become increasingly supple over time, with an extremely high level of abrasion resistance to meet motorcyclists’ desires. By adding our extremely thin SEESMART™ elbow and shoulder protectors and safety stitching to the mix we have discretely made this jacket 100% motorcycle ready. The short connection zipper allows any rider to connect the jacket to their REV'IT! jeans using the Safeway belt. The detachable thermal liner allows for riding in colder conditions, while the option is there to upgrade the Albright jacket by installing our SEESOFT™ CE-level 2 back protector.

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Цена: 997.00 BGN