SUOMY - Halo Pinball

Описание:  To have a maximum safety the helmet must fit tightly and be correctly and securely fastened, in order not to be able to be taken off neither by pulling it nor by rotating it around the head. If it is too big, it may slide down over the eyes or turn in a lateral direction due to movement during riding, blocking the right visibility. Shield SHELL in reinforced thermoplastic resin. INTERNAL POLYSTYRENE in two sizes (M e L). The special shape and construction in different density increases the mechanical resistance in the event of accidental shock. QUICK-RELEASE CHIN STRAP SHIELD clear antiscratch with Pinlock standard equipped. INTERNAL SUNVISOR easily practicable. QUICK-RELEASE CHIN STRAP micrometric: easy and strong. Homoloations

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Статус: По поръчка

Цена: 389.00 BGN