SOUL RACE - MSR-04 Flake

Описание:  Excellent protection against collisions with the absorption
of 70% of the impact force (15Knon 50 Kn)
Anti torsion structure for preserving the integrity of the
dorsal area
Articulated Joint at waist point
Ergonomic form for maximum comfort in use
Supportive internal structure in polypropylene assembled
on thermoformed polyethylene foam, with ventilation
holes for ultimate air flow
Protective Plates in moulded polypropylene
Designed and manufactured in Italy
Compliant with European Normative EN 1621 - 2/03 - Level 1
Ideal for racing and touring
The central frame is composed by two plates bound together by an articulated Joint that besides absorbing the strength of the impact also prevents an excessive torsion of the trunk gthe integrity of the dorsal zone.

    HEIBHT                   WAIST STANDARD /STD/       WAIST LARGE /LL/
S    150-165 CM            89 CM            99 CM
M    165-175 CM            99 CM            111 CM
L    175-185 CM            111 CM            119 CM
XL    185-195 CM            119 CM            135 CM

Sizes Availability: STD-M/L/XL

Colour: Black/Orange
Етикети: вентилация,ергономичен,оранжев,протектори,черен

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Статус: Наличен

Цена: 114.00 BGN