For maximum safety SRSPORT must fit tightly and be correctly and securely fastened, so it cannot be taken off neither by pulling it nor by rotating it around the head.If it is too big it may slide down over the eyes or turn in a lateral direction due to movement during riding, thus blocking visibility. Outer shell made of TRICARBOCO composite material (a combination of Kevlar, carbon fibreglass and aramidic resins), available in two sizes (M and L). Internal polystyrene protective lining, available in two sizes (M and L). The special shape and construction in different density increases mechanical resistance in the event of accidental shock. Inner channels studied in the wind tunnel guarantee a perfect ventilation .The face shield is thermoformed from a polycarbonate flat sheet. Each face shield is a one-of-a-kind piece with unequalled optical features and mechanical resistance. Thanks to this process, the face shield is anti scratch and anti fog and there is no need to use additional lenses on the visor.SR SPORT helmet is homologated in accordance with:

ECE 22-05 Europe
DOT America and Canada
JIS Japan
INMETRO NBR 7471 Brasil

Always check the homologation list for each model and verify availability/possibility of using it in the countries where it is sold.Completely removable and washable cheek pads are available in different thicknesses for complete customization of the final product.Completely removable and washable internal shell is in different thicknesses for complete customization of the final product; The removable internal shell has been ergonomically designed for a uniform and controlled fit of the entire head. The visible aeration slots ensure that incoming air thermo-regulates the inside of the helmet and that the flow of hot air is easily discharged from the rear.The internal elements (cheek pads and internal shell) are made entirely of COOLMAX® ACTIVE fabric with INTERPOWER treatment:1) Wicks sweat away from the body 2) Keeps the user fresh, dry and comfortable3) Lightweight, soft and breathable fabric.4) Performance verified and certified by ADVANSA. The D-RING retention system is designed and patented by Suomy and used by all the riders: this reliable and tested double D ring system ensures stability, safety and resistance.The innovative rear air intake on the SR SPORT has been designed to further improve ventilation inside the helmet, using residual air flows that, again thanks to the Venturi effect, are able to generate a depression in the lower part of the helmet, in this way ensuring a substantial extraction of the hot air inside it, consequently maintaining a comfortable temperature even at the back of the head (neck)The SR SPORT ventilation system along with the particular shape (Suomy patent) of the internal polystyrene shell, optimizes outside and inside air flows, fed by three air intakes, which exploit the Venturi effect thus optimizing internal ventilation. The four back air inlets release the air flows.

his assures a more uniform and continuous flow of air inside the shell, which is also enhanced by the extraction grid on the back part. Conditions
The warranty is valid from the purchasing date of the product and must be proven by the receipt (invoice, receipt or any document that unequivocally identifies the purchasing date as for example, payment through MAC card or credit card), issued by the person selling the item.
The interventions carried out under warranty do not extend the duration of the warranty which is still of two years from the purchasing date.
The product must not have been modified and/or changed: the presence of non-original accessories and/or any, even small, changes to the product, entail the immediate cancellation of the warranty terms and the release of any responsibilities on Suomy’s behalf.
The warranty is void when:
• The product has been modified, poorly painted, decorated with stickers
• Original parts have been replaced with other parts;
The Warranty does not cover damages resulting from:
• Incorrect use or non-compliant with the recommendations and requirements indicated in this manual ;
• Ordinary wear of the product ;
• Repairs made by the customers or third parties or by personnel not belonging to the SUOMY Motosport s.r.l. Organization.
• Incorrect use of the product and/or use of the product in situations that do not comply with the purposes the product has been designed for or with the modalities indicated in this manual.
ValiditySuomy guarantees exclusively the helmet and its components for a period of two years from the purchasing date as regards conformity defects. Suomy undertakes to repair the defective product (or one of its part) or to replace it (at SUOMY Motosport s.r.l.’s discretion), with no extra charge for the parts and the labour.

 The warranty does not cover the alterations of the painted surfaces resulting from natural wear and tear phenomena (effect of sunlight, vapours, detergents, crashes, scratches).

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