Bertonieyewear - Motocross Goggles


The mask frames of this line are all certified under the rigorous CE and US standards. The polyurethane with which they are made, guarantee the maximum flexibility also at low temperatures. They have two “air vents” positioned in the frame which make air pass to ventilate the mask and acting like an anti-fog. The elastic is adjustable and has a part in silicone so the mask will not slip off when using in combination with a helmet. The masks are available in several colours, all made with non-allergenic materials. They have been made to resist in bad weather conditions and are always comfortable. The lenses are treated with a non-fog film, they are in polycarbonate of 2.4mm which guarantee an elevated protection to impacts and at the same time protect 100% against UVA and UVB rays. They are available in 5 different types of lenses: a “transparent” lens which give the maximum visibility in all weather conditions; the “yellow mirror look” lenses to use in low visual conditions; the “smoky mirror look” lenses to reduce the glare; the “drive” lenses perfect in poor light conditions; the “double” lens in polycarbonate, these lenses are separated by an internal air layer which created a thermal barrier to keep the lenses warm and dry. In addition you can add 10 “tear off” protective films to attach and remove when necessary.

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