Bertonieyewear - Drive D200

Описание:  These glasses have a kit of 3 Drive lenses. The “Drive” lenses are ideal for driving during the day because they guarantees an excellent contrast of colours and reduces the dazzle effect of the sun, dimming the blue colours, so each colour can be seen at its best. This way you have a surprising contrast effect but at the same time it relaxes your sight, particularly when driving through fog, tunnels or at sunset. This type of lens is well appreciate by pilots and professional drivers, who even after long hours driving, do not strain their eyes thanks to the unique colour of the lenses. The Drive lens is in polycarbonate material it is unbreakable, highly resistant to impacts and extremely light in weight. Both sides have been treated with anti-reflex, anti-scratch and are waterproof.

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Цена: 181.00 BGN